XERO & Budgeto

Connect these two incredible apps to harness the power of a reliable real-time business budget.

The ultimate combination for building business budgets!

Connect Budgeto to XERO to import your accounting data and automatically create a 5-year business budget based on your past results. Update your projections every month and harness the full power of a reliable business budget in real time!

Optimize your budgeting and planning process

Create a complete 5-year business budget in less than 90 seconds!

Smart configuration

We automatically build your budget based on your historical accounting data.

Easy to use

You validate your budget by reviewing the different forms we have created for you.

We do the math

Whenever you modify a data, Budgeto automatically performs all the calculations.

Create any type of budget

Are you a product distributor, a restaurant owner or a consultant? Budgeto is for you!

Play with scenarios

Copy-paste a budget, change your assumptions and see the impact live!


Work on your budget with your shareholders, employees, accountants or bankers!

Share your budgets

Share your budget with the partners of your choice and start collaborating right now.

Export in PDF & Excel

Instantly print beautiful professional PDF files or export your budget to Excel.

Investor ready

Meet the expectations of the most demanding investors!

Save time with data importation

Create a complete 5-year business budget in less than 90 seconds!


Synchronize your XERO account with Budgeto to quickly import your historical accounting data into your budget.


Automatic mapping of your chart of accounts, your capital assets, your investments and your debts with Budgeto.

Automatic budget

Automatic creation of your budget from your historical data. All you have to do is adjust your assumptions to get a clear view of your future.

5-star reviews don't lie!

Very good application-Simple-Fast
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I have been doing budgeting for more than 30 years, using various excel files and tools across the board. I decided to give budgeto a try. It is a game changer!!! Very easy to use , links with QBO so intuitive and very quick to perform very cumbersome tasks. Helped me manage mid and long term cashflow and make scenarios. My collaborators , partners and bankers love it !!! I recommend it.
Business budget
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A very good program, very intuitive. I was quickly able to generate a five years budget for my starting company. I would recommand it to anyone!
Great app
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Budgeto is very useful for me and my clients. It's easy and effective.
Very Useful Budgeting App
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Budgeto is a great tool for budgeting and the integration with QBO makes it even more efficient. I use it for my firm and for my clients.
Awesome tool!
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The flexibility of the app and its synchronization with QBO makes it a lot easier for us to follow-up on our budgets without getting buried under excel files. The presentation is sleek and saves us a lot of time when we have to present our budgets to our investors: one click and it's done ! The possibility to have various scenarios is quite handy as we are developing new markets. A must !
The best forecasting and budget tool ever!
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I have been using Budgeto for the past few years, and this is the best forecasting tool I use for my clients. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, it is crucial for me to provide the highest level of advisory services and Budgeto takes my business to the next level.
A very good match with QBO
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Connecting Bugdeto and QuickBooks Online is a match made in heaven. I use QuickBooks to do my monthly bookkeeping and when I’m done, I import all my accounting data in Budgeto to update my financial projection. What was taking me half a day before, now only takes me 10 minutes. It's almost like magic!
David KS
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I have never been more in control of my numbers and I love it. QuickBooks gives me an actual view of my past results and Budgeto provides me a vision of my future results. I could not imagine running my business without it now. Budgeto is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs who lack savvy in finance and are looking for an independent solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Budgeto modify the data in my accounting software?

No! Budgeto can import data from your accounting system but cannot write or modify your accounting data.

Can my accountant connect my accounting software to Budgeto?

Yes. If your accountant has access to your accounting software and to your Budgeto account, they can synchronize the accounts.

Can I disconnect my accounting software from Budgeto?

Absolutely. You can disconnect your accounting software and/or reset Budgeto to delete all your historical accounting data.

Can I connect other accounting software to Budgeto.

No. Budgeto only connects to QuickBooks Online and Xero. Stay tuned for future integrations!

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